Turmeric Clay Mask Stick
Turmeric Clay Mask Stick
Turmeric Clay Mask Stick

Turmeric Clay Mask Stick

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Our Turmeric Mask Stick Clean pores without residues. It's an Anti aging acne treatment clay mask made from natural organic Turmeric. Say goodbye to clogged pores skin problems and let your pores breathe freely.
This mask improve the following skin conditions:
Dry Skin
- Rough and Dull 
- Pore Bulky
- Greasy skin
- Acne
- Soothes Sensitive Skin
- Pigmentation 
This is a natural cleanser. That can be use 2-3  times per week. 
Our Turmeric Mask Stick is the best skin cleansing mask.
How to use it :
1. After cleaning, use toner moisturizes the face and keeps the clean area moisturized.
2.Rotate out the mask stick to an appropriate amount, open the transparent protective cover, first apply on the T zone and then the checks.
3.Wait for 10-15 minutes, Clean the mud with water, gently wipe the nose, chin with pore astringent-soaked cotton pad.
4. Wet compress with pore astringent or mask.
5.It is recommended to use 2-3 times a week. If you want a better cleansing effect, you can gently massage your face during cleaning.

Customer Reviews

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Smoother skin

This mask is amazing. It appears to be making my skin a lot smoother.

Really starting to see a difference.

I am really liking the results I am seeing with this product. I can tell a difference in the texture and tone of my skin. It appears smoother and more even toned. It compliments the other products like the solution kit I purchased. These are by far the BEST face products I have purchased and it feels good to actually enjoy my skin again.